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Our rubber vacuum bags can be fitted in seconds and can be reused 100's of times.

Reusable Vacuum Bags


 We offer a range of reusable silicone rubber vacuum bags to be used in making advanced composite components, carbon fibre components or for use in the woodworking industry.






Reusable Silicone rubber vacuum bags usable anywhere

Why Not Bagging Film?

Traditionally you may have used a nylon bagging film, but these are a ‘one shot solution’ to be disposed of every time. Our rubber vacuum bags (also known as de-bulk bags) can be fitted in seconds and can be reused 100's of times. This makes a cost effective approach and reduces company wastage making you a more environmentally friendly. 

The majority of our reusable silicone rubber vacuum bags have an instant seal system and breather track incorporated into them for optimal use and can be used at up to 200 centigrade in an oven or autocalve. Processing difficult shapes can be made easy with a moulded silicone rubber vacuum bag.


We have several types of reusable silicone rubber bags: 

  • Envelope bags
  • Silicone rubber bags with alloy frame
  • Baggy silicone rubber membrane trolley table
  • Intensifiers
  • Pressure / Bladder Bags


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Silicone Rubber Bags On An Alloy Frame 



   Rotor blade vacuum bag inverted to reveal the  " Instant "  seal system and  " Breather track " rubber incorporated into the bag.



Silicone rubber pressure bag with alloy frame and seals, also known as our quick press, used to process kevlar helmets at  60 PSI  without the need for autoclave pressure !                                                                


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Baggy Silicone Rubber Membrane Trolley Table

baggy silicone membrane trolley bench press 

The use of a "baggy" membrane is ideal when you have larger or different components with high profiles to accommodate in your vacuum forming process. This allows for the extra give in the bag to form around the components without compromising the final product. 

Here we have a vacuum table / trolley  with a "Baggy"  silicone rubber membrane and Crownvac seal . This membrane and seal can be rolled up and stored elsewhere when not in use, taking up very little space.  The alloy  base plate has an alloy honeycomb bonded core which offers a flat surface with lightweight construction with vacuum ports piped under the base plate.

This aircraft intake duct in this image utilizes an inner and outer silicone vacuum bag in order to autoclave cure a prepreg / de-icing element laminate to the tinware.


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Envelope Bags

rubber silicone envelope vacuum bag

The process of envelope bagging is particularly useful for difficult 3D shapes, problem or porous tools and to accommodate a variety of different shapes with the use of its easy seal system.

Our envelope vacuum bags can be made in the roll up system depicted or with the use of two alloy frames hinged together like a clam shell.


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rubber silicone envelope vacuum bag



vacuum press Intensifier

vacuum press Intensifier for aerospace components

vacuum press Intensifier


Silicone Rubber Intensifiers are used to get those hard to reach details right in the vacuum from process. Our intensifiers will give your components a good surface finish on the vacuum bag side of the component and being made of rubber they can easily be fitted and removed.

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Vacuum hoses are available with spring inserts and swaged ends if required.Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

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Vacuum bench and bag hoses